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Women's Social Group

Play Group

Fitzgibbon needs a Women's Social Group where we can meet socialise and share our stories and ideas. If you are interested in starting such a group please call Lotus at 3469 3244.

In the mean-time click to have a look at some 'Women's Social Meetups' happening near Brisbane.

Welcome to the 'FitzgibbonFriends' Playgroup Group! 

Just $5 per session per family it runs each Friday at Fitzgibbon Community Hall, 545 Roghan Rd, Fitzgibbon (during school term).

Time: 9:50.

Mental Health Group Support

Social connection and support has been proven to assist with mental health. Community members have expressed the need for the creation of a mental health support group. If you are interested please call Lotus on 3869 3244.

In the mean time please click on the image to see what mental health support is available in your area.

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